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340+ Awesome blog post ideas for your new blog

340 plus awesome blog post ideas for your new blog! Starting a blog? Then use this post to help you write your first few blog posts - because a successful post needs a catchy title! #blogging #bloglife #blog #blogtips

Finding something to actually blog about can be challenging. Especially if you have a lifestyle blog with so many topics to write about. Or, if you want to start your brand new blog but have no clue what you’re going to write about…


Well, we have rounded up some top ideas to help you get those blogging juices flowing. Simply look for the relevant topic which you want to write about and tweak the titles any way you want – or use some of it just the way it is! We will continue to update this list, so if you can’t find your star topic this time, keep checking back!



Tips to write more successful blog posts


Let’s start off with a few tips before we get to all of the topics…

The first tip we have for new bloggers is…


Post consistently

By blogging more consistently on your website/blog, your traffic will start to gain momentum. Also, people who love your content (i.e. valued readers, followers, your mom) will keep coming back to your site to see what’s new.


It is easier to promote content to old visitors to your site, than it is to convince new visitors to come back again.


Post more content

Don’t get your hopes up for insane traffic to your website, if you only have 2 blog posts. You need more content on your site so that multiple ‘keywords’ can be indexed on Google and other search engines.


In other words, the more you post, the more likely people will find your stuff and visit your site.


Use SEO/Keywords throughout your blog posts

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keywords are super important to your site and to Google! It helps people to locate your stuff when they search for it.


Be sure to check out Brian Dean’s YouTube channel, BacklinkO, for some awesome tips and tricks on how to rank your posts on Google.


Use a decent word count

Everything is such a numbers game when it comes to content. With blog posts, it is the amount of words you have in your posts. The more words you have, the more chances you have that Google will rank you higher in their search results.


And the word count is becoming more and more. Because there are more bloggers out there now than a few years back. And chances are very good that they are blogging about the same things you are – or even have a similar, or exactly the same, blog post title as you.


I usually aim for 2000 or more words, depending on the title. But the only way to establish how many words you need to write, is to check what your competitors are doing.


Search the keywords of your blog in Google and see what sites come up. Go to those sites, check their word count and also see what else they have on that webpage (images, videos, etc.)


Have more media (images/videos/etc)

Having more media on your site will not only convince more people to return, but chances are also good that Google will rank you higher.


Share your posts

People will not magically know about you if you don’t share your content. You may get visitors from Google search if you use SEO fully, but in the age of social media, you can have so much more traffic.


Use the different platforms for your content. You can share the post on multiple places and get a higher chance of gaining followers and frequent visitors to your site.



Places to share your blog posts after you’ve hit publish



Share your post, a behind the scenes image or something related to your post. Create a Facebook page for your blog and make sure to include a Facebook button on your site so that people can like your page.


I recommend using the Facebook plugin widget from Jetpack.



Twitter takes a lot of effort, time and energy to utilize fully. It is one of the most active social media platforms, and to get your stuff out there, you need to post frequently. Very frequently.


At least 20 times a day…


To make this easier for yourself, and if you already have a marketing budget in place, you can always use Hootsuite to schedule tweets as far as 6 months ahead.



Instagram can also be a tricky social media platform. It’s all about your amount of followers and which hashtags you use.


Some tips for Instagram

  • Don’t post too much – you will likely annoy some of your followers and they might unfollow you. I’d say the best frequency here is 1-2 times a day. Stick to the minimum.
  • Keep it related – More people will follow you if you stick to posts about your brand/blog. I would personally NOT follow someone who has a “makeup tutorials” account, but frequently post about their dogs or travel life, etc.
  • It’s okay to post behind the scenes – people like to see some of the things that happen behind the scenes of your blog/biz. You can use Instagram stories to utilize this opportunity. Again, keep it related.
  • Don’t follow back – There is a huge problem with bots on Instagram (and they are trying to sort this out). Bots are automated accounts from real people or businesses, but they just randomly follow everyone. It usually works on a follow-for-follow principle, since it is so easy to follow someone back who started following you. You will quickly see how fast those people unfollow you again, whether you followed them back or not.
  • Don’t underestimate the hashtags – Instagram users search for content by using the keywords. These keywords on Instagram are in the form of hashtags. If you post something, include a few of them in the image’s description.
  • Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again – change it up a bit. You will likely get more followers, and you stand less of a chance of being banned by Instagram.
  • Don’t post exactly the same time everyday – I’ve heard of many users who got banned because of this. Instagram see them as bots and bans their accounts.
  • Use a scheduler – You can use a scheduling app for Instagram, such as Later.



Also a common platform with millions of users – mostly female.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not completely about gaining followers so much, to promote your content. If you use your Pins’ descriptions wisely and add keywords, your Pins also get discovered.

Be sure to put keywords and long descriptions on your boards, too.


Top tip: Keep your personal boards that has got nothing to do with your brand/blog/biz a secret. Simply select the “secret” button whenever you create a new board, or edit a board.



Another tricky one is Reddit: The largest online forum on the internet. Groups are sorted into what they call “subreddits”. It is difficult to figure out, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it can generate traffic to your blog forever.


Top tip: Only join “subreddits” that are relevant to your blog/biz. Also, be sure to read the “subreddit” rules before your drop your links there.



StumbleUpon is a very temperamental platform. If you share only your content there and too much of it at a time, StumbleUpon will show less of your content to stumblers.


Top tip: Keep your posting to a minimum, like, once a week for one page. Also share other people’s content on there.


Types of blog posts that do the best


Tutorial blogs (How to…/step-by-step…)

Most people Google stuff that they want to know the way or method of. How-to posts are thus the most popular type of posts.


Lists (10 ways…/Top 18…)

According to studies, the most popular numbers are uneven numbers and also the number 10, 16, 18, 21 and 23.


Educational (All you need to know about…/The ultimate guide to…)

If someone is interested about something specific, they usually want to know everything about it… If you have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, then why not write a blog post about it? This could be a great way to generate more traffic to your blog.


Anyway, let’s not wait any longer…


Here is the massive list of blog post ideas for your new blog!



  1. [#] Awesome facts about [me/my life as a blogger/etc.]
  2. The one thing I do to have more [confidence/success/money/time/etc.]
  3. My journey towards being a successful [blogger/artist/mom/etc.]
  4. How I created/made/achieved ______________ by doing ____________
  5. Top 10 ways I tweak my blog posts, and you should, too!
  6. Top 10 methods I use to [de-stress/avoid burnout/relax more/etc.]
  7. The truth I’ve learned about [blogging/starting a business/having a side hustle/affiliate links on my website/etc.]
  8. How I got rid of __________, and your should/can, too!
  9. The best solution I have discovered to _______________
  10. The one thing I did to/about _______ that changed my life!
  11. The best thing I did to change _______________ (forever)
  12. The foolproof method I use to ______________
  13. [#] Things I should’ve done when I started [blogging/a business/a YouTube channel/etc.]
  14. A step-by-step guide to [my method/idea/design] for ____________
  15. [#] [Crazy/Wild] things I have on my [Spring/Summer/Winter/Autumn] bucket list
  16. [#] Places I love to eat at in [City/State/Country]
  17. This is what happened when I _______________
  18. The biggest regret I have about ______________
  19. The most inspiring success story I’ve [read/seen/heard] about _______________
  20. Behind the scenes/A [normal/crazy] day in the life of [Name/me]



  1. The top 10 Makeup looks you should steal from _____________
  2. [#] Ways to master the art of [lip liner/contouring/cat-eyes/etc.]
  3. How to find the best makeup [looks/products/buys/etc.] on _____________
  4. How to get rid of [acne/blackheads/facial hair/etc.], FAST!
  5. [Where/How/What] to shop for your next [evening out/Christmas/Valentines/date night] makeup look
  6. How to look fresh faced all day long
  7. [#] [Steps/Tips] to transform your day makeup to evening makeup
  8. [#] Awesome recipes for DIY [face masks/hair masks/etc.]
  9. How to create the perfect [winged eyeliner/Halloween makeup look/etc.]
  10. [#] Confessions of a [makeup/eyeliner/beauty/etc.][junkie/addict]
  11. The best hacks to master the art of [winged eyeliner/translucent powder/romantic makeup/etc.]
  12. [#] [Savvy/awesome] ways to make your [eyes look bigger/lips look fuller/face look smaller/etc.]
  13. How to contour the right way
  14. [#] Natural (lip) balm recipes to keep your lips soft
  15. The best daily/evening makeup routine on the internet
  16. The best morning/evening routine for your face
  17. Why it is absolutely okay to not wear makeup when going out
  18. The ultimate guide to [makeup item]
  19. The do’s and don’ts of applying [eyeliner/lip liner/mascara/foundation/etc.]
  20. How to find the perfect [foundation/primer/eyeliner/etc.]



  1. How to boost your [energy levels/immunity/sex drive/etc.]
  2. How many [glasses of water/hours of sleep/vitamins/etc.] should you really take each day
  3. The ugly truth about [ACV/vitamins/drinking 8 glasses of water a day/doing squats each day/eating yogurt for breakfast/etc.]
  4. Danger! Why you should not [take ACV/eat lots of fruit/eat kale/etc.] each day
  5. [#] Surprising things you didn’t know about ___________________
  6. [#] Breakfast ideas to boost your ___________ for the rest of the day
  7. The top [#] ways to make healthy eating fun
  8. How to lose weight and keep it off – even if you’ve tried everything!
  9. The Complete Guide to becoming an organic health nut
  10. How often should you [visit the doctor/get tested for STDs/go for a pap smear/etc.]?
  11. The truth about [organic food/heirloom vegetables/coconut oil/etc.] no is talking about…
  12. [#] Health benefits you didn’t know about [strawberries/jojoba oil/etc.]
  13. [#] Rules for eating healthy meals 24/7
  14. [#] Amazing essential oils to try right now
  15. [#] Surprising [fruit/vegetables/vitamins/etc.] to boost your ____________
  16. The top [#] habits of healthy people
  17. [#] warning signs that you should cut [sugar/wheat/vegetable oil/etc.] from your life
  18. The top [#] [breakfast cereals/vitamins/etc.] according to [Pinterest/famous person/etc.]
  19. How to create a health routine that works for you
  20. The ultimate guide to [vitamins/minerals/leafy greens/etc.] and their benefits



  1. How to create a capsule wardrobe that works for you
  2. [#] Great statement pieces that you need in your wardrobe
  3. How to spot a fashion trend before it dies down
  4. [#] Wardrobe tips that will never go out of style
  5. How to invest in fashion items that will last a lifetime
  6. Top [#] [designers/dresses/fashion items/etc.] that are breaking the internet right now
  7. [#] Fashion trends for [2018/Next spring/etc.]
  8. The [#] items that you need to toss right now!
  9. [#] [alternative/vintage/spring/winter/etc.] styles for the [busy mom/workaholic/diva/etc.]
  10. [#] Instagram worthy [looks/shoes/items/etc.] you need in your wardrobe right now
  11. How to create the perfect [corporate look/wedding guest outfit/club style/etc.]
  12. [#] Steps to turn a modern [item/look/style/etc.] into a vintage [piece/look/style/item/etc.]
  13. How to tell if you need a serious wardrobe makeover
  14. [#] Top celebrity wardrobes you wish you had
  15. [#] expert style tips from [Pinterest/famous person/you/etc.]
  16. [#] Hot Instagram pieces to buy right now
  17. The pro’s and cons of shopping online
  18. Quiz: What is your [wedding guest look/glam Halloween style/new year’s party outfit/etc.]?
  19. How to dress according to your [body shape/personality/interests/etc.]
  20. The ultimate guide to matching outfits in your capsule wardrobe



  1. [#] Décor items for your [living room/kitchen/bedroom/etc.] this [fall/year/spring/etc.]
  2. The one show-stopping décor item everyone needs in their home right now
  3. [#] Awesome tips about how NOT to decorate a [living room/small apartment/etc.]
  4. [#] Creative ways to mix [art/vintage/etc.] with décor in your home
  5. [#] home décor items that will change your life
  6. Never worry about clutter again with these awesome storage solutions
  7. [#] awesome ideas for decorating your [dorm room/small apartment/country kitchen/etc.]
  8. How to incorporate a [vintage/modern/industrial/etc.] look into your home
  9. How to decorate according to your [budget/lifestyle/personality/etc.]
  10. [#] Signs that you need to renovate your [home/bedroom/garden/etc.]
  11. [#] Décor trends you shouldn’t miss this [year/month/season/etc.]
  12. [#] décor items we wish we could afford in our homes
  13. How to think like an interior decorator for your new home
  14. [#] Organization tips for your cluttered [garage/living room/kitchen/etc.]
  15. [#] Most popular ways to bring color into your living space
  16. How to decorate with [dramatic elements/vintage finds/neutral tones/etc.]
  17. [#] Fantastic steps to turn your house into a cozy home
  18. How to declutter your home in 30 days or less
  19. Quiz: Which décor style suits your personality the best?
  20. How to upcycle almost any thrift store find into a décor item


Home/Family Life

  1. How to organize your family life with a hallway station
  2. [#] health tips for the whole family
  3. How to [stay sane/de-stress/avoid burnout/etc.] with a busy family
  4. How to family proof your home for the holidays
  5. [#] [fun/inexpensive/etc.] things to do with the family on weekends
  6. [#] DIY kiddies activities to do on [weekends/the holidays/etc.]
  7. How to throw a great kiddies party on a budget
  8. [#] [baby/toddler/child/etc.] products that will change your life
  9. How to plan a daily routine that works for everyone
  10. [#] [Baby/parenting/home] tips for a harmonious family life
  11. When parenting backfires: How to get through to your [child/teen/etc.]
  12. How to handle grief with a child
  13. [#] [Home/parenting/baby/etc.] myths you need to ignore
  14. How to choose the right pet for your family
  15. [#] Tips to help your child [study/learn/sleep/etc.]
  16. How to keep everyone happy in a small home
  17. How to save money for your [home/family/vacation] when you can’t afford to
  18. [#] Ways to make time for each other in a busy lifestyle
  19. [#] Tips for homeschooling your child
  20. [#] ideas to make your [husband/child/pet/etc.] feel special



  1. The ultimate guide to [small apartment dogs/long haired cats/hairless cats/etc.]
  2. How to tell if your [dog/cat/pet/etc.] is ill
  3. When should your [dog/cat/pet/etc.] be [trained/neutered/spayed/clipped/etc.]?
  4. Quiz: Which dog is perfect for you?
  5. Quiz: Which type of pet will best suit your personality?
  6. Product review: Which [dog food/cat food/fish tank/bird feeder] gets our vote?
  7. How to train your [dog/cat/rat/etc.] at home
  8. How much space does your [dog/cat/pet/etc.] need?
  9. [#] Creative ideas to let your [horse/cat/pet/etc.] feel at home
  10. The essential guide to keeping [Afghan hounds/Persian cats/Weimaraners/etc.]
  11. [#] Surprising Things you didn’t know about [miniature pets/Poodles/Boston terriers/etc.]
  12. The Complete Guide to [type of pet/breed/etc.]
  13. [#] Signs you are ready to adopt a pet
  14. [#] Pets that aren’t [child friendly/made for small homes/etc.]
  15. [#] Types of [birds/cats/dogs/etc.] that your child will love
  16. [#] Fantastic reasons why you should adopt a pet
  17. [#] Rules for buying and keeping exotic pets
  18. [#] Exotic pets and what you should know before you buy/adopt
  19. [#] Unbelievable stories of the exotic pet trade
  20. Got animal allergies? You can still have pets with these simple tips!



  1. How to make the most delicious [lasagna/chicken salad/etc.]
  2. [#] Quick [dinner/lunch/Christmas/etc.] recipes for the [busy mom/workaholic/etc.]
  3. [#] Favorite family recipes from the home of [famous person/you/your grandmother/etc.]
  4. The one go-to recipe you need to know for making [sauces/pasta/breakfast/etc.]
  5. [#] Surprising [spices/herbs/vegetables/etc.] you can use in a [soup/stew/salad/etc.]
  6. [#] [Quick/healthy/homey/etc.] recipes that will motivate you to cook today
  7. [#] Ideas to brighten up your salads
  8. How to make the best ever [healthy pizza/protein smoothie/etc.]
  9. Warning! These [#] foods are actually NOT that good for you
  10. [#] Healthy alternatives to most [pantry/dairy/gluten based/etc.] ingredients
  11. [#] Amazing recipes you didn’t know you can make in the microwave
  12. How to bake the world’s most amazing [cake/tart/dessert/etc.]
  13. How to _____________________ like a professional chef!
  14. The beginner’s guide to basic recipes and kitchen skills
  15. [#] Reasons your cake didn’t come out the right way
  16. How to meal plan for the whole family
  17. [#] Recipes perfect for meal planning
  18. Why food prepping is the best thing you can do for yourself
  19. The [real/shocking/cold-hard/etc.] truth about [avocados/coconut oil/etc.]
  20. [#] Dinner recipes in [30 minutes/15 minutes/1 hour/etc.] or less



  1. [#] Chicken coop ideas for a small yard
  2. How to can [peaches/tomatoes/strawberries/etc.]
  3. How to make [strawberry/peach/apricot/etc.] [jam/marmalade/syrup/etc.]
  4. What homesteaders don’t tell you when you start out off-grid
  5. [#] [innovative/basic/etc.] ideas for off-grid living
  6. Which [plants/seeds/fruit trees/etc.] to plant and when
  7. [#] Fantastic ideas for sustainable [energy/water use/etc.]
  8. How to make a [solar panel/wind turbine/rain barrels/etc.]
  9. The [#] Commandments of [homesteading/off-grid living/living on less/etc.]
  10. How to start living a waste free lifestyle
  11. [#] Awesome ways to [recycle/reuse/reduce/upcycle/etc.]
  12. A step by step guide to living on less – and be happy!
  13. How to keep and maintain a [chicken coop/goat/pig sty/cow herd/etc.]
  14. The amazing art of canning and preserving
  15. How to harvest seeds for next season’s planting
  16. The unexceptional proof that you are ready for homesteading
  17. The science of cheese making: How to do it at home!
  18. [#] Security measures to take when you live off the grid
  19. How to live a sustainably and on a budget
  20. [#] Creative ways to incorporate homesteading in a small home



  1. [#] Countries you can visit without a visa
  2. [#] Beaches you need to add to your bucket list
  3. [#] Amazing places you need to see to believe
  4. How to survive a [group tour/hike/around-the-world-trip/etc.]
  5. The ultimate guide to visiting [Paris/South Africa/San Francisco/etc.]
  6. How to pack for a [2/4/8/etc.] week trip to [the beach/mountain/Canada/etc.]
  7. The best time to travel to [Europe/South America/etc.]
  8. [#] Things to [see/eat/drink/experience] in [place]
  9. [#] Fantastic tips for taking Instagram worthy photos on your trip
  10. [#] Photograph ideas for when you’re travelling
  11. How to pack for a camping trip
  12. Avoid these [places/cities/etc.] at all costs
  13. How to be safe when travelling to [place]
  14. How to start a travel journal for your trip
  15. The ultimate checklist for travelling to [place]
  16. How airlines are ripping you off and when to buy tickets
  17. What to pack when you’re going to [festival/event/etc.]
  18. [#] Things you can do in [place] if you love [the beach/the outdoors/camping/etc.]
  19. [#] Amazing [beers/pizzas/etc.] you need to taste when visiting [place]
  20. What you need to know before travelling to [place]



  1. [#] Places to share your latest [blog post/podcast/video/etc.]
  2. How to start a blog/A step by step guide to starting your own blog
  3. [#] Creative blog post ideas for when you run out of ideas
  4. The magic of SEO: A beginner’s guide
  5. What you need to know about starting a blog
  6. [#] Fantastic ways to monetize your blog
  7. [#] Passive income ideas you can do online
  8. [#] How to find inspiration for your latest blog post
  9. [#] Strategic methods to find something to write about
  10. [#] Blogging myths you need to ignore immediately
  11. Should you publish your latest income report?
  12. How to avoid social media burnout when you run a blog
  13. [#] Tools and resources for bloggers
  14. [#] Amazing Management and scheduling tools and resources
  15. How to start your own brand and make it go viral
  16. [#] Things you need to do after you published a new blog post
  17. [#] Blog success stories to motivate you today
  18. How to time manage yourself and your blog
  19. How to be more productive on your blog
  20. Starting a blog? Read this first!


DIY & Crafts

  1. [#] Craft ideas for [busy moms/workaholics/teens/etc.]
  2. How to start out with [mosaic/crochet/drawing/etc.]
  3. [#] Great ideas for [pallets/jam jars/wine bottles/etc.]
  4. How to make a DIY [dream catcher/coffee table/planter/etc.]
  5. [#] DIY furniture pieces that will turn your house into a home
  6. [#] Crafts that you can do with kids
  7. How to make DIY [Christmas/Wedding/Baby Shower/etc.] decorations
  8. [#] Budget friendly DIY projects for your home
  9. [#] Crafts that you can sell [at the fair/online/locally/on Etsy/etc.]
  10. [#] [Ikea/Anthropologie/Target/etc.] hacks that you can easily DIY
  11. How to create a stunning centerpiece for your [Christmas dinner/wedding/etc.]
  12. How to arrange flowers the correct way
  13. [#] Surprising things you can DIY on a budget
  14. How to create [adult coloring pages/a PDF checklist/a floral calendar/etc.]
  15. [#] Types of interesting crafts/hobbies you’ve never heard of
  16. [#] Conversation starting DIY projects for your [home/kitchen/garden/etc.]
  17. How to host a [Craft party/DIY Project party/DIY High Tea/etc.]
  18. How to make your very own [floral monogram/pallet outdoor furniture/etc.]
  19. [#] Crafts/hobbies you can enjoy on a small budget
  20. [#] Ways to incorporate your hobby into your busy life



  1. How to change your car’s [tire/oil/water/etc.]
  2. How to clean your car’s [leather seats/dashboard/interior/etc.]
  3. [#] Ways to keep your car clean and organized
  4. How to check if your car needs a service
  5. How to install additional [sound/lighting/etc.] in your car
  6. What to include in your car’s emergency kit (checklist)
  7. [#] Things to avoid when cleaning your car’s [upholstery/exterior/etc.]
  8. [#] Cars that are [family/eco/fuel/CO2/etc.] friendly
  9. [#] Affordable cars that are [pet/child/off road/etc.] friendly
  10. The top [#] cars that will suit your [budget/family/etc.] needs
  11. These [#] awesome car hacks will blow your mind
  12. How to inspect a second hand car before buying it
  13. [#] Fantastic gadgets for your car that you can shop on [Amazon/etc.]
  14. How to record fuel events in a car log book
  15. How to keep a budget for your vehicle expenses
  16. Road trip! What to pack for the long road ahead
  17. How to keep your kids busy when road tripping
  18. The ultimate list of songs for your family road trip
  19. How to polish/wax your car’s exterior the professional way
  20. [#] Ways to save money on vehicle expenses



  1. These [#] saving plans will help you to prosper in [year]
  2. [#] Important Facts you need to know about investing
  3. Why you need to stop what you’re doing right now and create a budget
  4. Think you don’t need a budget? Think again…
  5. [#] Fantastic tips for creating your own [savings plan/budget/etc.]
  6. How to calculate your household expenses
  7. How to find a retirement plan that works for you
  8. What to look for when weighing investment options
  9. Quiz: How much money can you save in the next [time]?
  10. Why keeping a spending journal is super important
  11. How to start your own spending journal
  12. How to save money for a special occasion or event
  13. [#] Proven ways to save money on [groceries/entertainment/etc.]
  14. How to live a more budget friendly life
  15. [#] Sideline income ideas that are destroying the internet right now
  16. [#] Side hustles that will help you make passive income
  17. [#] Money making tips that will help you survive the month
  18. Why investing in [property/real estate/retirement funds/etc.] is always a great idea
  19. How to save up money so that you can retire early
  20. [#] Small budget [night out/DIY/entertainment/Christmas/etc.] ideas



  1. [#] Awesome tech that you can buy on [Amazon/Etsy/etc.] right now
  2. [#] Reasons why a/an [Kindle/iPhone/etc.] might be for you
  3. (Review) [#] Instagram worthy headphones/earphones for your phone
  4. The ultimate guide to automating your house
  5. Why you need to check all of the light bulbs in your home right now
  6. The pro’s and cons of [solar roof tiles/electric vehicles/etc.]
  7. (Weekly blog post) [#] New [science discovery] this week, [date]
  8. [#] Facts you didn’t know about [science topic]
  9. These [#] animals will [blow your mind/give you nightmares/etc.]
  10. [#] School science projects for [grade]
  11. [#] Science experiments you can do at home
  12. [#] Tech devices you wish you could afford right now
  13. [#] Awesome [kitchen/living room/etc.] gadgets to entertain your guests
  14. [#] Awesome gadgets for your pet
  15. The ultimate list of gadgets to make [camping/hiking/etc.] fun
  16. Guide: Which type of camera should you use for what?
  17. Quiz: Which type of [phone/camera/laptop/etc.] will suit you best?
  18. [#] Outrageous science experiments you can do with the kids
  19. How to make [slime/magnetic putty/glow jars/etc.]
  20. A beginner’s guide to [robotics/electronics/solar power/etc.]



  1. The top [#] [Action/Animation/etc.] movies of [year]
  2. The top [#] [Pop/Rock/Charts/etc.] songs of [year]
  3. These [#] celebrities were the [best dressed/most scandalous/etc.] this year [year]
  4. [#] Awesome facts you didn’t know about [famous person/cartoon character/TV Show/etc.]
  5. The top [#] TV Shows everyone is watching right now
  6. [#] Random acts of kindness from [famous person]
  7. The top [#] diets these celebrities are currently on
  8. The ultimate list of [famous director/actor/etc.] movies
  9. [#] [glitches/cameos/mistakes/etc.] you’ve missed in [movie]
  10. The top [#] songs for your playlist when you [work out/party/etc.]
  11. The top [#] songs for when you feel [mood]
  12. These [#] [movies/songs/etc.] will give you goosebumps
  13. [#] Motivational videos to watch on YouTube right now
  14. [#] YouTube channels to follow when you need to be motivated
  15. [#] Of the Best coffee table books that you can purchase on [Amazon/Etsy/etc.] right now
  16. These [#] photographs of [topic] will take your breath away
  17. Quiz: Which [movie/song/etc.] portrays your life at the moment?
  18. Quiz: Which [famous actor/cartoon character/Disney princess/etc.] will you be in your next life?
  19. [#] Online resources to visit before you watch that new movie
  20. [#] Parenting tips for when your child saw the wrong movie/scene



  1. [#] Superb ideas for small gardens
  2. These [#] house plants are more harmful than good
  3. How to bring nature inside with these [#] fantastic plants
  4. [#] Innovative ideas for vertical gardening
  5. Which seeds to plant, how to plant them and when
  6. Gardening for beginners: Getting to know the basics
  7. How to take care of your plants when you go on vacation
  8. [#] Fantastic DIY pesticides that are safe to use around pets/children
  9. These [#] plants will make the perfect gift for a hostess
  10. [#] Plants that will keep [ants/flies/mosquitoes/etc.] away
  11. [#] Indoor plants for every season
  12. [#] Plants that are low maintenance
  13. How to grow plants from seeds successfully
  14. [#] Fruit trees you didn’t know you can grow in pots
  15. How to successfully grow a [lemon/blueberry/strawberry/etc.] plant from seed
  16. The correct way to prune a rose plant/bush
  17. The best [indoor/fruit bearing/low maintenance/etc.] plants for your location
  18. [#] Awesome plants that contain medicinal properties
  19. The ultimate list of [edible/medicinal/water wise/etc.] plants
  20. The step by step guide to growing [a/an] [bonsai tree/orchid/mushrooms/etc.]



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