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Plan your blog the right way and in half the time, so that you can start raking in those $$$!

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Let the Blog Business Plan Workbook give you a leg up in the “blogging game” by helping you plan out clear strategies and key focus points for your blog. The 40+ worksheets will help you with so many things, like finding your target audience, planning how to make money from your blog, defining your blog’s mission, and so much more!

It’s only $9!

How will a Blog Business Plan help me?

Define Aims & Objectives for your blog

Figure out your blog’s purpose, define a clear vision for your blog, find your “why”…

Pin point your blog's Target Audience

Find out who they are, what problems they have that needs solving, gaining their trust…

Scope out the Competition

Identify your key competitors, their strategies, weaknesses and strengths, and how your blog can be different…

Determine where your inspiration comes from

Define your inspirational sources, where to look to find new content ideas…

Monetize your blog

Figure out how you’re going to make money from your blog, plan out products and offers, pricing structures…

Plan your blog's Marketing strategies

Identify which marketing platforms you plan to use, email marketing strategies…

Design your blog's branding

Determine what to brand, how to develop your brand voice, writing your ‘about’ section…

Plan out a clear Budget for your blog

Plan out blog expenses, income, initial costs, marketing costs and other potential expenses…

Find out how you'll organize your blog

Pin point key areas where you’ll apply organizational strategies, how you’ll do blog admin…

Maintain and Grow your blog

Define certain growth strategies to expand your blog’s traffic, audience, and income…

Set clear Goals for your blog...

Plan out current and future goals, determine how they will be measured…

Plan for the future!

The Blog Business Plan allows you to plan, tweak and perfect strategies for blogging success!

The blog business plan contains everything you need to get ahead in the "blogging game"!

Having a blog business plan in place gives you an advantage over most bloggers, because you have a clear strategy for building, growing and monetizing your blog. This workbook also allows you to define key points to focus on for your blog, such as target audience, branding and goals.

Get the Blog Business Plan!

It’s only $9!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchasing the Blog Business Plan Workbook, you will receive a downloadable PDF containing 46 sheets. This includes worksheets to help you plan out each aspect of your blog and turn it into a profitable business.

Yes, when opened up in a PDF viewer such as Adobe PDF Reader or most new PDF readers, you can type directly into the boxes to answer the questions. 

Absolutely! The Blog Business Plan Workbook contains the sections needed to grow and maintain a successful blog. Use this workbook to fine-tune your blog and tackle all the areas that need clarification and improvement. This workbook is also fantastic for doing a full blog audit.

The Blog Business Plan Workbook is for personal use only. You may not sell, share, distribute, make changes and claim it as your own.

Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. However, if you have any further questions, you are welcome to email them to me at

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