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The Complete Recipe for a Fulfilling Lifestyle

The complete recipe for a fulfilling lifestyle - the only guide you need! Looking for a lifestyle change to suit your needs? We have all the answers in this post :) #lifestyle #change #thelifeiwant #happiness

There is just so much going on in the world today – too much… But there is one thing that everyone has in common. Everyone is searching for a way to have a fulfilling lifestyle. To live a perfect life. To just be happy…


We are all different and want different things to achieve this state of happiness, but what I have noticed in most common “recipes”, I will outline in this post for you. There are obvious components, and then there are the not so obvious ones.



Top tips for a fulfilling lifestyle




Sleep is essential to human beings, because our bodies and minds need to rest in order to function properly.


You have to find a balance in your sleeping routine. The most common notion, most people say, is that you need at least 7-9 hours sleep. This is simply not true. Everyone is different. Everyone’s sleeping pattern differs (some sleep in cycles of 1 hour, others in 2, others in 4).


I personally function best when I have had 4 hours sleep. Any more than that and I will feel tired and groggy most of the day. Yes, I need to fit an hour nap somewhere into the afternoon, but I get a lot more done than I would have if I have slept for longer during the night.


And remember this rhyme whenever you need some motivation: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, happy and wise”… Or something like that.


Too much sleep is also not a good idea. Have you ever felt so tired that you just want to sleep, but you can’t sleep it all out? That’s because your body goes into a resting state, and the more you sleep, the more you want to sleep… So even if you feel super tired, get up and do small tasks that don’t use up too much of your energy.


Helen Sanders over at Health Ambition gives us great advice on how to reset and optimize your sleep schedule! You can read her lovely post over here.


If you doubt how many hours sleep you need, you can always use an online sleep calculator to help you with this.




Staying hydrated also keeps your body going. Your main organs need water to function properly. Also, your body, and more specifically your bloodstream, need water to work out all of the toxins that makes you ill.


If you’re trying to lose weight, you also have to drink plenty of water, because a high % of those toxins in your body live in your fat cells. Water helps to flush most of it out.


And on that note, you also have to move past the whole idea of 8 glasses of water a day. I can get a little hissy-fit whenever I read this “valuable water advice” somewhere. If you want to constantly go to the toilet every 10 minutes, everyday, then do this… Like with sleep, everyone is different. And if you drink other beverages during the day, too, your get some water from that as well.


I normally start my day with a glass of water, and it is amazing how refreshed I feel and how it instantly wakes me up. Late morning/early afternoon I will drink another glass of water or some 100% pure Grapefruit juice. Also, listen to your body. If you get thirsty, drink something. Some people claim that even if you feel a little hungry, you might be thirsty…


Avoid dehydrating stuff like the plague! These are things such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar and a hot shower or sauna. This can result in headaches, tiredness, grogginess, and so on.


And a final note here: The more you exercise and active you are, the more water your body needs, especially if you sweat a lot.


Stay Organized


I cannot stress enough how staying organized makes me feel happy and fulfilled. I hate waking up to a disorganized bedroom, kitchen or work space. I hate looking for things and then go buy new ones, only to find the old one months later (and now I am sitting with 2 potato peelers, 2 scientific calculators, more than 2 bottles of Salmon Oil vitamins… You get the idea)


Categorize everything you own and have a specific station for everything. Things that cannot be categorized can be placed in a certain place such as a junk drawer or closet.


Start small, like with your closet for instance. Buy containers to sort your clothing into categories. Get a huge-ish container to store all your seasonal clothes and shoes. Then after that, start with the bathroom cupboards next. And so on…


If you are looking for medicine, for example, then you know where to look. And don’t be tempted to put medicine you use more often in a different place, like the kitchen for example. We get tempted to do that a lot because we live in a double-storey townhouse… So, we are dreading the stairs sometimes…


Get into the habit of putting everything back into its place after you have used it. Think about it: How many seconds will it take you? Also, clutter breeds clutter. If your space is starting to become disorganized then it will become worse and worse, until you fix it. Which will take much longer to sort out…


And finally:

Never underestimate the power of a labeling machine! 😀


Eat right


If your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function properly, then you will feel invincible! That’s the truth!


Also, if your tummy is rumbling or aching during the day (and you choose to ignore it because you are trying to lose weight – we know the feeling)… Then you will have a difficult time focusing on something else. Your mind will think about food the whole time because it is trying to convince you to eat something.


We cannot tell you what to eat, because everyone has different dietary requirements. The best way to ensure you eat right is to see a dietitian. It can be a pricey appointment, but once you have a decent meal plan in place, it will be worth it.


There are just too much information concerning food and nutrition, that we cannot really go in depth here. You will read for the next twenty years. We highly recommend that you do some research of your own and get to know the food you love to eat.


*For the calorie conscious person, there is always this awesome website!




I have vowed not to make this too much of a “yoga blog”, because it has become too commercialized and “trendy” for my liking (personal opinion). However, if you feel that it can help you relax more easily, then do it.


Relaxation is synonymous to de-stressing, and is essential to your sanity and well being. If you are stressed out all of the time, you might constantly be putting your life and your health in danger. This is why we have included relaxation in this list. Because, how can you be happy and fulfilled, if you stress the whole time?


There are plenty of ways to relax, and you may find the most common ones are spending quality time with friends and family, doing something you love such as crafts, reading, going on holiday or camping, and so much more… Why not compile a list of things you enjoy doing and look to that for some relaxation ideas?


And, if all else fails, book a spa day for yourself. I normally find that treating myself to some pampering does the trick, even if it’s just a long, hot bath with plenty of bubbles.


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Not prioritizing can result in a train smash which may lead to you being stressed and also feel under pressure. You will make it so much easier for yourself if you just focus on the most important things on your daily list first, before tackling everything else.


I normally have the top 3 most important goals for the day right at the top of my to do list. Nothing will be done before those tasks are not completed, even if they take long. Less important tasks can always be migrated to the next day if possible.


On that note, never put anything off for too long. Important tasks tend to breed more tasks and sooner or later you will end up with an entire mega-list of super important things that should be done ASAP!


Daily Planner


This brings us to the all important daily planner. I have always thought of myself as one of those super organized Instagram girls with all their pretty stationery and gorgeous Leuchtturm 1917  planners – for two days or so. My planner will then gather dust or go incognito under a pile of glossy magazines.


Here is the truth about keeping a daily planner: It is a habit that needs to be formed!


If you feel you can easily get bored with such a planner, then make it interesting for yourself. Do themed planners and use awesome and inspirational journal stickers. Invest in some high quality, colorful stationery and a great sizable planner. Be creative!


If keeping a physical planner is not your style, then you can always take the digital route. Asana is a great way of organizing all of your lists and projects. And the best part is: Most of the features asre free. It is only necessary to go pro for larger businesses with a lot of clients and employees. Or, of course, if you want to have the full Asana experience.


If you are still in need of daily planners, habit trackers, meal planners, calendars and more, we have created the Personal Planner Kit, which you can simply print out and use as many times as you want to!


Stay informed


Another obvious way to live a more fulfilling life is to be informed all the time. Firstly, let’s look at short term information.


This includes news stories, what’s happening in the world right now, what is trending and so on. The reason why this is important is because it will help you make informed decisions. If you look at what is happening right now in the financial market, for instance, it will help you make better investment decisions. (By the way, read up on what “blue chip investments” are – they are low to medium risk, long term and are great for your retirement plan).


Learn to say no


This is such an important item on our list. It is normally only human to avoid conflict at all costs and learning to say “no” is a skill which everyone should learn. Saying yes to everything will make you have many regrets (I am speaking from experience here). You suddenly have the moment afterwards which you want to kick yourself for saying yes!


Even if everyone knows you as the person everyone can rely on, you have to say no to them sometimes. You know, to keep your sanity…


Stop being a people pleaser


This follows up with “saying no”, and is equally as important. Stop trying to please or impress everyone at the cost of your own well-being and sanity. Whether it is your family, friends or colleagues, you need to start doing things for you, and for no one else.


The cold, hard truth is that not everyone needs to like you or approve of what you are doing. In fact, most of them do not really care. Just live and do the way you see fit and to make yourself happy. You will end up with way less disappointments.


Obviously, do what is expected of you. But we’re talking about going out of your way to impress or please everyone else. Just be yourself!



Don’t let your dreams die


I bet that there is something that you have always wanted to do. Whether as a hobby or a career. Mine has always been to start my own florist shop…


The reality is, we become busy. And soon, we forget what is was that we actually wanted to do. We humans have easily fallen into the habit of just accepting everything the way it is. Finish school, get a degree, get a job, meet someone, marry, get a house, have kids, get a dog… And one day, we wake up to discover that all the years have passed and we haven’t spared one second to think about our dreams.


Don’t just accept this. Find a way to take the first step towards achieving your dream, even if it’s a baby step…


Get up, show up…


I get so many days that I just wish I can stay in bed, or be a couch potato all day long. And it does happen sometimes…


You want to know how I feel afterwards?


Sluggish. Unmotivated. Unaccomplished.


And not wanting to get that horrible feeling is enough to motivate me to get out of bed and do stuff. I feel so invincible after a productive day, even if it is just doing all of the necessary house work.


The same goes for appointments, meeting people or going to work in general. Stop postponing, cancelling, rescheduling and just get it done! You will feel so much better afterwards.


Meal planning


This is a life saver. Meal planning makes everything else so much easier to do. Have you noticed how many times a day we think about food? As soon as we wake up, most of us will think about what’s for breakfast. If you have a family to take care of, it’s normally “what’s for dinner?” And so it goes.


Use your Sunday afternoons to meal plan for the week or even the month ahead. Work out meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also snacks in between.


Make it fun for yourself or your family and do themed dinner nights such as “Mexican Mondays” or “Taco Tuesdays”. You can have Fridays as your leftover night and give yourself some time off from cooking.


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Having good habits is part of living a fulfilling life. Habits can be different for each and every person. You can make forming (and breaking) habits easy for yourself by having a  daily habit tracker.


Write down habits you try to form and break and draw check boxes for each day of the month next to each habit. Check the boxes every night before going to bed and reflect on them.


Top tip: Don’t try to form (or break) too many habits at once. Take it month for month. If you try to take on too much then you will start to feel overwhelmed.


We include a good habit tracker in our Personal Planner Kit, which you can print out and use.


Prep for your day/week


Whether you plan your life or your goals, planning ahead means that less curveballs will be thrown your way. And I literally mean that you need to plan everything ahead, even if you do it the day before. Your outfits, your meals, your schedule and to do list, your appointments, all of it!


Things happen and you need to fit those “things” into your day as well. Such as running late, having car trouble, not knowing what to wear, not having enough food in the fridge and having to go shopping…


If you prep, you can take on anything!


If you are serious about goal planning for each aspect of your life, you will find our Goal Planner Kit pretty useful! Simply print out and use as many times as you need to plan all of your goals and objectives!


Financial planning


And with all that planning ahead we also have to highlight the importance of financial planning.


Not just short term, but long term as well.


I am not a professional financial advisor, so I would highly recommend you to research some investment options from your side. Get familiar with the terms and also make an appointment with your bank to discuss these options. I highly recommend investing the correct way, because it might help you with your retirement plan…


Also be sure to have a monthly budget in place where you can keep track of all of your income and expenses. Having a bird’s eye view of where your money is going might also help you to save some money here and there.


Keep your tech organized


Another way of having a fulfilling lifestyle is by making sure your technology is organized. And by this, we mean your cellphone, laptop, computer, tablet, iPod, or whatever tech you have.


Regularly clean your e-mail inbox from e-mails you’re not planning on reading. Or make subfolders on your e-mail platform and sort your e-mails into them.


I get a twitchy eye whenever I walk past my other half’s laptop and see the 20 000+ unread e-mails in his inbox…


Switch off – Hygge


Switching off is one of the most important components of living a fulfilling lifestyle. We have decided to give it a name now, know as the Hygge Lifestyle. (Pronounced Hoo-gah…)


The idea behind the lifestyle is to unplug, switch off, get cozy, relax, drink fancy tea and be one with nature… Or something along the lines of that. The word itself comes from Scandinavian origin and sounds like “hug” in English. Cute!


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Disclaimer: I, the author of all blog posts on CuriousFem, are in no way a qualified or professional financial adviser or healthcare practitioner. All of the financial and health related statements which I have made above are entirely my own opinions and experiences, which I freely share with you, the reader. Following advice or opinions on this blog are entirely at your own risk. I cannot be held liable for any loss or damage caused.