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Personal Bio

I am so glad you’re here and taking the time to read about my personal journey!

Who am I?

I’m Tanya, and I have joined the gig economy in 2016. I have a thirst for life and all it has to offer and I enjoy experiencing new things and generating new ideas.


Hmmm? The Gig Economy?

This is a new term coined by millennials (not that I really am one because I was born before the 2000’s). It basically means that I am not a daily nine-to-five, working-for-a-boss kind of person. Truthfully, I could never really work for a boss…

I make my income by doing gigs in multiple interests of mine. Sometimes I will design something for someone, I will do flowers and decor for weddings and events, I side hustle by selling printable bundles on Etsy, I design stuff to put on products, and earn royalties. I create courses, e-books and the likes. Somehow, these gigs just find me through people I know, family and friends, and even complete strangers who turn into loyal clients.


It didn’t just happen like this from the start…

Even though I talk about how I cannot work for any boss, I, too, had direction after finishing school. Well sort of…


I would’ve been a teacher now…

I finished my education degree at the University of Pretoria in 2014. My dad and stepmom were extremely thrilled and proud. Even during my studies, I was a mathematics assistant for junior kids at a Kumon center. But this just wasn’t meant to be…

After I have been placed at a school and taught Afrikaans as an official teacher at a primary school, I soon realized that teaching really wasn’t for me. I love giving training in my video courses, yes. But having to work with an overloaded curriculum and teaching kids a language they were not really interested in learning, was extremely difficult.

I was burnt out, stressed and didn’t have a healthy lifestyle. I got ill really quickly and overall my health has declined. Once I handed in my resignation letter and left teaching for good, I felt liberated. It was a heavy burden that was lifted from my shoulders.

Is my degree a waste? Absolutely not! I wouldn’t exchange my student years for anything – and I still got value from my degree: I can set up assessment instruments, lesson plans, curricula, lesson outcomes, etc. for my courses! Now that is handy!


I would’ve been a graphic designer…

Right after finishing school, in 2009, I wasn’t sure what my future career should be. So my dad decided that I would really enjoy graphic design. So I enrolled in a corporate graphic design course in the Adobe Creative Suite. This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc.

I didn’t pursue this career either…

But the value I got from this is that I can still make quick cash by designing things for others, and to create images for my blogs. I can do branding, social media kits, design printables and so on… So this was also not a complete waste!


I would’ve been a full time wedding planner…

Let’s catapult into a whole new different direction!

My mother, who passed away in 2006, had her own bridal shop will the most beautiful dresses and accessories. On top of this, she planned entire weddings for clients by herself. From the flowers, dress, rentals to the venue, car and photographer – everything except the pastor! She was a hard working woman, but I remember how tired she was all the time.

Nevertheless, I have had this budding interest in weddings in my subconscious mind, and discovered it in 2016. I completed the Advanced Wedding Planning and Styling Course at one of South Africa’s most prestigious wedding schools in the same year.

Did I become a full time wedding planner? No. But I have done weddings and worked at a wedding venue to build experience.

The Wedding Club was born in October 2016 – and this is one of my most successful ventures… Here I give advice and tips to brides who plan their own wedding and to new wedding planners in the industry.


On top of all of this, I would’ve been a writer, a member of a panel of judges for school plays and drama students, an emergency vehicle assistant, a caterer for functions, and my list goes on…


Yes, it has been a hell of a rollercoaster, but I have discover myself through this journey. I know now that I have too many interests to just stick to one things, and I enjoy pursuing multiple ventures at once. There’s nothing wrong with this, because I know there are plenty of you out there who also live this way.


So my conclusion now is that I am my own boss, and proud owner of a very successful wedding blog ,among other things.


A new chapter in my life

A few years ago, I met the love of my life – Gerome!

He is the most supportive, motivating partner anyone could wish for. He has had my back 100% of the way and even though I haven’t made my millions yet, he is super patient. He is also my tech support 😉


Who is CuriousFem?

CuriousFem was started in early 2017 when I realized I need an outlet for all of my interests and ventures – I am curious!

Blogging about all things lifestyle and business related is my thing – and to bring great and informative content to my readers! Helping others to have the lifestyle they want and to prosper in their business is at the top of my priority list!

This blog is a spot for me to write about all of my experiences and knowledge on various topics.

I hope you find your comfort here and enjoy all of my creations, and that you will return for more!