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Design Tools

Design Programs

Design tools are not just for graphic designers! As a blogger and online business owner, you’ll need to create branding images such as your logo and social media images, as well as other designs.

Canva has both a free (limited) plan and a pro version. I highly recommend that you upgrade to the Pro plan as soon as possible, because it gives you access to premium templates, elements, photos and even videos! The Canva Pro library is my go-to for nearly all of my designs, including my paid products! Give it a go!

Stock Images & Elements

Though there are many free stock images sites to start with, you really do want to get premium design elements such as photos and videos — simply because no one else will likely use the same images as you on pins, for example. If you’re not going to use the Canva Pro library (mentioned above), check out these other two options.

Adobe stock has the most expansive range of stock photography and other elements. It is a little on the pricier side, so I do recommend that you consider this option once you already have a steady income stream.

Envato Elements is a more affordable option considering its massive gallery of stock videos, photos, design elements, templates, fonts, brushes, music, sounds and so much more — all for commercial use! I love using Envato Elements, because it gives me so much content to use throughout my online ventures. Note that you will need some skills and access to the Adobe design suite, among others, but you will find templates and files to use with other, more affordable and free software as well.